18_4ba7bae4208e7-entryImageWell take inspiration from a vxr and add a 1.2 corsa d sxi and spend a few ££££ and then you have a vxs

So who am I ? I am the southern scotland regional organiser for corsa d uk.

believe it or not this is in fact my 1st modified car and my biggest headace,  its fine now but some of the work that was carried out such as the custom made exhaust to fit out the cente of the diffuser involved a lot of looking at diagrams and vauxhal giving me the wrong clips twice.

A link to my progress thread


Personally i love the car and the amount of attention the car gets is unreal, drivers of much more expensive cars turn their head I do however have one of my very vain number plates on the car CR57OFR, I also have KR57OFR. CR51OFR +KR51MCC so more cars to follow in the coming years.

The purpose of my journal is to keep  a log of the life of my car and in its daily use and use as a pizza delivery vehicle for my beloved work dominos pizza.




Chris McCracken