Life Continues With The Silver Griffin

ButlinsSeptember2010004_4cb3248a2c48e-lightboxThe Zafira has continued to be fantastic every day transport and a superb family holdall. I find myself using the sport button nearly all the time as this improves the steering and damping and the throttle response is so much better.

In the scorching temperatures we had in June and July I noticed that the air con was not performing as well as it could. A trip to my local dealer revealed that a re-gas was needed, so with my wallet £50 lighter the car was now a pleasant place to be in 30 degree heat and with a large glass area, air con is an absolute must.

AC 08 has been on a couple of adventures recently with the first one being the British GT Championships at Snetterton. This was my first trip to Snetterton and the roads from the A14 to the track were great fun, with a mixture of fast flowing A roads and twisty B roads. You can really chuck the Zafira about and it feels surefooted with lots of grip and tons of grunt on the straights. The racing was superb with the highlight being an Aston DBR9. The noise this beast makes at full chat down Snetterton’s back straight makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. My son thoroughly enjoyed the day and loved the Red Bull livered F3 cars.

Next on the agenda was to get the windscreen replaced after the world’s smallest stone had hit the screen on the passenger side and caused it to crack straight away. So the screen was replaced and my £75 excess paid. Should not complain really as I dread to think what the actual cost of the screen is with it being such a large area of glass and with the sensor for the lights and wipers in it as well.

Next adventure was a five day holiday to Butlins in Bognor Regis which also coincided with my sons fourth birthday. This is something the Zafira excels at, carrying the family and all their stuff to the holiday destination. The car did a great job, cruising at 80 on the motorway in total comfort and safety even when fully loaded and still returning 43 mpg.

So that is it so far – apart from a knocking noise coming from the front, which I blame on the awful state of British roads – everything is rosy. The dealer is sorting the knocking noise under warranty and I will have another update soon on life with the Zafira.




Daniel Smallbone