Buying Pedro

SFbaja1_4d1b4ebb7b0bf-lightboxThe photos show what he looked like when I first found him in San Francisco back in 2008.
The previous owner was a pilot and had left his mark on the car with plenty of stickers and aircraft style pop out trips instead of fuses.
Pedro had bags of character which was perfect for what I had in mind. Now I just had to get him to my side of the Atlantic.
Enter Fel, Daryl and Prashant. I met Daryl and Prashant on the Plymouth – Banjul rally back in 06/07. Fel had heard about me through a charity rally website. He planned to drive to Mongolia in a Metro and was considering meeting me somewhere on my route. He hasn’t yet started his rally but still has the Metro prepped and ready to go as soon as he is.
As luck would have it all three of these friends live in San Francisco, very close to where my new car was located.
As the owner didn’t want to deal with a foreigner, Daryl bought the car then sold him on to me. He was then stored at Fel’s house until Daryl arranged to take him to the port near LA for shipping to the UK.
During this time it seems Daryl caught the bug, if you’ll pardon the pun. After he said goodbye to Pedro he just had to have one of his own!  He was unable to join me on the Oz rally but hopes to take part in my next adventure.




Fiona Easterby