Fiesta: Round 2

Picture104_4c1e11f64a1dc-lightboxI had been debating about when to get a new car and what to get. There are so many different options now I’m a bit older, the range has gone into some decent hot hatches.

I still enjoy hatchbacks, it’s a sort of teenager (oops not any more being 20!) thing to do I suppose.

I had a good look around to see what was on the market from Audi A3s to VW Polo GTIs. Minis were looking promising, but for my budget I was looking at 2003/2004 plate cars with high mileage, so that went out the window. Same goes for Seat Leon FR Tdi, very nice car, but older and higher mileage.

So inevitably its back to Fords; could I stretch to a Focus ST? £2347 insurance quote quickly got that one out of my mind. So Fiesta it was.

So well what can I say? My old car was clean as a whistle, whereas the one previous owner of this one had made good use of the car as a battering ram; the odd ding here and there is getting on my nerves so I shall be sorting those. It looks like someone had used a Brillo pad to wash it, it’s swirl mark hell on that surface!

All of these things though are just cosmetic, easily sorted.

On a good run I got 45.4mpg, amazing! I also saw 23.5 at one point so I suppose it’s how you use it…

I found quickly in the 7 weeks that I’ve now owned the car, that it hasnt quite hit the spot that I was hoping for. I was expecting to drive everywhere with a large grin on my face, but this wore off after a week. I’d put it down to me having already owned a Fiesta so I already knew how it drove.

So someone nicely suggested that during the week or round town, I shouldn’t take it above 2500rpm, to save fuel. But at the weekend take it out and really show it all the rev range as much as possible. This angle has worked a treat.

When you need to get past someone, it does it with ease, get past 4k rpm and it almost seems to take the accelerator off you and drive itself, it holds flat through every corner and gives you that confidence to hold speeds.

Only problem I’ve found is that you need to keep it up in the rev range past 3.5k for it to get going, below that and its just a little sluggish. I’ve been tempted by exhausts and intakes already, but insurance would rather I wasn’t.

Watch this space to see if I can get on with it, or if it was just never meant to be!

Right then, I’ve done an edit on this as I’ve come to a conclusion: it’s staying.

I find myself having to do a quick lap around where I live anytime I go out, just to appreciate the noise, and that is a strong suggestion that I should keep it.

One more thing, just to make myself look a bit of a chav, the last photo is how it looks now.. It’s to my tastes as it’s individual, but the keen eye will see that the bonnet stripe is from an ST500 which in turn originated from the mk1 Escort RS2000 and a few trim pieces are now in black.




Jack Pearson