Good Sense Prevails

general149_4c22f9f92901b-lightboxIt all started with the arrival of my second son and the realisation that my Mk4 Golf GTi 1.8T was just not big enough to be used as a family holdall bearing in mind my wife does not drive so it is our one and only car.

So the search began for an MPV with my first choice being tha Ford S-Max. After looking around I realised that they were out of my price range with only high mileage LX’s affordable. I did not want a high mileage car and I wanted top spec and from a main agent so I turned to my second choice, the Vauxhall Zafira. After a short search I found AC08 FSA at Marshall Vauxhall in Ipswich. A test drive was arranged and the deal was done. With only 12000 miles on the clock and a spec that includes heated leather seats, climate control, sports suspension, traction control and ESP the car was everything I was looking for.

I picked AC08 FSA up a week later and absolutely loved it. It just does everything I want and need in a car combining good handling and feedback with stonking diesel performance, fantastic practicality and great looks.

AC08 FSA first major task was a weeks holiday to Cornwall. Covering 1500 miles in a week in total comfort and swallowing all the stuff that goes with taking two small children on holiday and averaging 45 mpg. This is no mean feat as anyone with children will know.

Since then I have covered 14000 miles with just a few niggly problems tha were fixed under warranty, very quickly and at short notice by my local dealer, Underwoods of Colchester. These include a new air conditioniing compressor, EGR valve and a clutch switch. Servicing is very reasonable too with its major service and brake fluid change coming in at £253. I find the car is good fun to drive and love the performance of modern diesel engines, even though Clarkson thinks it is the fuel of satan. I think a few other road users are quite surprised by it as well as the big family bus in front leaves them standing!

The plan is to keep the Zafira for a good few years and, when the warranty runs out, maybe a remap. With the big 40 only five years away I need to start saving for my Caterham 175 Roadsport. I think it’s called a mid life crisis; at least that’s what I tell my Wife!




Daniel Smallbone