Pedro the Supercar

gaydon_4d1badabc2472-entryImageToday Pedro became a “supercar” probably the first VW Beetle to achieve such acclaim, except maybe Herbie.

The Petrolhead Nirvana crew invited me to display him at Supercar Sunday at the Gaydon motor heritage centre.
 There he was sat amongst the Ferraris, Lamborghini, Ariel Atoms, Dodge Vipers et al and somehow he was receiving just as much attention!

Rather than hold up the supercar convoy to Gaydon I set out early to meet them there. On the return journey however, despite my insistence that it wasn’t necessary, some of the group decided to stick with Pedro all the way back to London.
A Viper, 360 spyder, Atom and F150 truck all cruising at 50mph behind an old VW caused a few double takes!
We caused even more of a stir when Pedro’s throttle cable became detached and we all parked on the hard shoulder!
It fell to company director and F360 driver, Harsh, to come to the rescue abandoning his Ferrari to fiddle about in the foot well of an old bug re-attaching the cable. It was at this point he revealed his secret; his first car was a beetle!





Fiona Easterby